Add happiness to others and to your own life

The Smile Charm of your JOYE


 Smile charm (front) 

Each time you look at the SMILE charm, give a smile to the world.

Why does it work?

The color of this charm represents the orange color of a powerful sunrise. It is designed to relax you and bring a smile to your face. 
It is scientifically proven that while smiling we create happiness through the muscular activity of our smiling. 

Study at DePauw Univ.; Study of Dr. Robert Zajonc, Kleinke, Peterson, Rutledge (1998)


Smile charm (back) “Here & Now”

HERE & NOW reminds you of the hidden wonders of life in each present moment.

Why does it work?

The “HERE” symbol has the power to draw your attention to your surrounding. It reminds you that you have an appointment with the wonder of life just right here. The “NOW” symbol has the power to focus your attention. It reminds you that you can only smile in the present moment. To stop our minds from wandering and to focus on the “here and now” is proven to make us happy. 

Study by Killingsworth, M.A., & Gilbert, D.T. (2010).


The Charity charms

The charity charms remind you that you added happiness to another persons life. They also remind you what you have added to this world: LOVE, WISDOM, ENERGY, TRUST - The choice is yours.