Customize JOYE

Add charms

Detach the closure clasp from your JOYE bracelet and add as many more Charity Charms as you like. Choose and mix what is important to you. More charms, more lives change because of you. 


Combine bracelets

Combine multiple bracelets together into a longer version. Combine colours as you wish.


Add stopper rings

We also include small rubber rings. You can add them to stops charms from moving and keep them balanced.

If you don't want the bracelet to twist on your arm: you can keep the charms in the top / middle area of the bracelet fixed with two stoppers. Fix the other charms on the bottom between one stopper and the closure end. This way the weight is balanced and the bracelet will not twist much. See in the picture below. Of course you can use the stopper rings to fix your charms in any way you like !